“When the jury is seated, you’d better have an experienced trial attorney sitting by your side; the other side certainly will.”


Dealing with a complex criminal legal system can be difficult and confusing for most people.  It is critical that you hire an experienced defense attorney who will protect you every step of the way.  Hire a criminal defense attorney who’s been there and knows what they’re doing — someone who won’t be intimidated or back down.

For more than 15 years, our attorneys have fought for clients in complex criminal and civil litigation. We are ready to stand by your side and aggressively protect your rights. Our attorneys regularly defend clients in matters related to DUI, theft, gun possession, narcotics crimes, domestic violence, assault and battery, murder, and sexual crimes.

Our clients are fiercely loyal to us because they know that we are fiercely loyal to them.

If you have been arrested, are the target of an investigation, or find yourself in the middle of a legal battle, contact us today. One of our attorneys will personally sit down with you and clearly explain your situation, what you can expect, and what your best course of defense is.

Don’t plead guilty or agree to anything before talking to one of our attorneys. We will fight for your rights. Someone is available 24 hours a day to take your call; contact us today at 1-800-498-0413.