4 Personality Traits You Should Look for in a Utah Criminal Attorney

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During my career as an attorney, I have represented thousands of clients in complicated cases. Many were cases that were considered hard to win and yet I still obtained favorable outcomes for my clients.

I have consistently provided customized legal services to individuals from all walks of life who have found themselves caught in the cross-hairs of the Utah criminal justice system. It may be the greatest judicial system on the planet but you are going to need a good lawyer to make it work for you.

Representing yourself is out of the question and a bad lawyer can cause more harm than good.

I’ve been protecting my client’s rights in criminal and civil cases since 1998. I believe a difficult case is not likely to be resolved in your favor by an attorney treating the case just like all the other cases he or she handles. Favorable results in hard cases are obtained by hard work, persistence, creativity and executing a clearly defined plan.

Hard Work

It takes hard work because the system demands it. In most cases, there are hearings, negotiations, investigation, motions, and a ton of other documents that need to be drafted and filed with the court before a case can proceed to trial. Some lawyers don’t want to put in the work. That’s unfortunate.


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Prosecutors, police officers, and at times even judges will attempt to block a defense attorney from doing the job. Most have heard stories about cops or prosecutors withholding important evidence in a case and it resulted in a wrongful conviction. Those cases are reversed only because of the hard work and persistence of quality attorneys. Had the original attorney been persistent in obtaining all the evidence in the case, a wrongful conviction would have been far less likely.


In all cases, problems arise. In all cases opportunities present themselves. It is only by keeping a fresh perspective, an open mind to doing things differently that solves the most difficult problems or seizes the most favorable opportunities. You do not want an attorney who handles all cases a certain way just because that is how he or she has always done it. Each case is unique and should be treated as such.

Executing a Clearly Defined Plan

A good attorney can think on his or her feet where necessary. A great Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer has planned because there are tremendous pressures in the courtroom. There are distractions. Things can and do go wrong at trial. Any attorney who says otherwise either is a liar or has not tried a case. A clear plan that is easy to execute minimizes the number of things that can go wrong, the distractions are minimized, and stress is reduced.

A clear easily executed plan makes for a faster and cleaner presentation of the case. In a trial, the side that presents the clearest story usually wins. Clear stories are built from clearly presented facts. Lawyers that tell their client’s story by presenting the facts clearly and concisely obtain favorable results for their clients.

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