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Costs & Fees

Everyone always wants to know: what is this going to cost?  Often, this is a difficult question to answer, because each case is unique and every client’s objective is not the same.

That said, in almost every case we can provide you with a solid estimate of the overall fees and costs for your case. In many cases, a flat rate fee structure can be used. Some clients prefer a flat rate, because it ensures that they know exactly what the case will cost to defend.

When you come in, ask us what the options are on structuring the legal fees and costs.

We take Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discovery, and payment plans can often be set up to help with the cost of legal representation.

Contact us online, or call (801) 895-3143 to set up a free initial consultation. If you need special accommodations, including meeting on weekends or after hours, just let us know. We can accommodate most every schedule.

You can also request a call back by sending a message directly from this website using the form below.

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