Not Guilty at Trial

Salt Lake City criminal lawyer

I was arrested for DUI. From the very beginning, Darwin was very professional and supportive.  Throughout the court process, I was scared.  I kept telling Darwin that wanted to plead guilty just to end it but Darwin encouraged me to stick with it and take the case to trial. At trial, Darwin was able to cross-examine the (arresting) officer in such a way as to show the jury that there was reasonable doubt as to the accuracy of the breathalyzer machine.  That was important because they were saying my BAC was .182. Darwin walked me through my testimony so that the jury understood what happened from my point of view. The jury deliberated for two hours and then returned a verdict of not guilty.

I am really thankful that Darwin was my attorney and that I took his advice to take my case to a jury.  If you or a loved one is in trouble, Darwin is your guy.” – T.C.


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