Sean Hullinger

Salt Lake City criminal lawyer

Sean Hullinger served for five years as an officer in the National Clandestine Service, working in the Office of the Director handling operational coordination between the U.S. Military and the CIA, and five more years as a senior analyst and program manager with a major defense contractor consulting on technical intelligence operations, human intelligence and counter-intelligence operations, and military special operations for U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and other U.S. Government agencies. His classified work included technical forensic operations, high-level technology integration, HUMINT operational techniques, anti-terrorism policy support and sensitive analytical consulting.

Prior to his national intelligence career, he worked as a Military Policeman (Security Forces) for the USAF, and as a Counterintelligence Special Agent for the U.S. Army. He also worked for TRW, inc. (now Northrop-Grumman), handling contract and technology export control issues, and interned in the Office of the Air Force General Counsel during Law School.

Along with his law practice, Sean keeps his tradecraft skills running his own Private Investigative Agency. He brings all the technical expertise and street tradecraft he acquired in the Intelligence and Special Operations communities to his clients, combined with his legal expertise to provide a truly unequalled capability to clients with critical investigative and security needs for technical expertise, knowledge, ability, sophistication, and discretion.

But since Law School, Sean has always had the heart of a criminal defense and Constitutional lawyer. Admitted to the Bar in 2002 (while working for the CIA), he has been working in Utah since 2009 defending client’s rights and providing sophisticated counsel on extremely sensitive and novel legal issues in the trial and appellate courts of Utah and the Federal Court systems. He was a program manager in one of the first computer forensic operation in the intelligence community outside of the NSA. This gives him unparalleled expertise in computer contraband cases, such as sexual exploitation/child pornography and other ‘internet crimes’ and sex offender registry cases. He brings those same skills and abilities to all of his criminal cases. His practice also includes Professional Ethics/Attorney Discipline clients. Sean also is a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) and is counsel to a number of clients in the firearms industry. He is also active in political circles and provides advice and advocacy at the Utah Legislature and was a candidate for Utah County Attorney in 2010.


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