About Us

Salt Lake criminal defense lawyer

Our lawyers represent defendants in a wide range of cases.  No case is too small – not even traffic tickets.  At the same time, no charges are too serious that our attorneys will turn away from the challenge.  Our lawyers have experience fighting serious charges like rape, aggravated assault, and kidnapping.  No matter how dark the charges look, we will fight to ensure that your rights are protected and that you have a fair shot at challenging the charges and having your day in court.

Our attorneys approach each case as unique.  We work to understand the facts of the case, looking for any details that might allow us to challenge the way that the police seized the evidence, arrested you, or obtained a confession.  We fight to challenge evidence and make the prosecution work for any piece of evidence they might try to use against you.

Our lawyers also work to get charges reduced and dismissed.  In many cases, the prosecution will start the case strong by charging multiple counts of various crimes or tacking-on related charges as bargaining tools.  Our lawyers can work to get some of those extra charges dropped and focus on the true case at hand.

If at all possible, our lawyers will also work to reduce the penalties and fight to keep you out of prison.  In many cases, the opportunity for probation is an excellent alternative to jail.  Putting someone in a cage is often the worst way to rehabilitate them, and it usually doesn’t stop crime – it just assures that the only victims will be other inmates.  We know that jail can be dangerous and harmful to your physical safety and mental health, so we work to get penalties reduced and keep our clients out of jail and prison.