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If you have been charged with a crime in Ogden, you may feel isolated, frightened, and confused. The prospect of being put on trial in front of a jury of your peers might seem intimidating, to say the least. Having a skilled attorney by your side who can fight for your rights in court can make a huge difference in your case. A good lawyer will advocate on your behalf throughout your entire trial and beyond if need be.

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Types of Criminal Charges in Ogden

In Ogden and the rest of Utah, criminal charges can be classified in one of three ways. Crimes will be charged as minor infractions, misdemeanors, or felonies. Misdemeanors and felonies can be subdivided further into degrees of severity. The more serious your crime was, the more severe the charge will be.


Infractions are minor offenses that are typically punished by fines instead of jail time. Most people will probably be charged with an infraction at some point in their lives. Things like traffic violations, citations for littering, and similarly minor offenses are all infractions. Depending on what you were cited for, you may be able to deal with your infraction entirely on your own. However, if you need help dealing with an infraction, do not hesitate to contact our Ogden criminal defense lawyer.


Misdemeanors are the next step up from infractions and are more serious. While misdemeanors do not always carry lengthy prison terms, a prison term is not entirely out of the question. Many misdemeanors carry fines and prison sentences. Misdemeanors are charged as either Class A, B, or C, with A being the most serious and C being the least.


Felonies are the most severe type of criminal charge. Felonies will be charged as either a first, second, or third-degree felony, with first-degree felonies being the most serious and third-degree being the least. Felonies tend to carry harsh penalties with extensive prison terms, so hiring a skilled attorney should be your very first step if you are charged with a felony. Our Ogden criminal defense attorney can help you confront any criminal charge you might be faced with.

Criminal Penalties in Ogden

The penalties for criminal charges in Ogden could be as minimal as a small fine or as serious as years behind bars. The terms of your sentence will depend on the nature of your charges. Minor infractions are rarely met with prison time. Instead, you are most likely going to pay a fine. There may be other penalties depending on the nature of the infraction. For example, a traffic violation may be a minor infraction and you will pay a fine, but you might also receive points against your driver’s license.

Misdemeanor penalties include both fines and prison time. The fines are usually greater than those for infractions, but the jail time is less than it would be for felony charges. A class C misdemeanor may be punished by a jail term of no more than 90 days. For class B misdemeanors, the jail term can be no more than 6 months. Finally, for a class A misdemeanor, the jail term may be a maximum of 364 days. Even though misdemeanors may not be punished with more than 1 year in prison, even a few months in jail is a lot to cope with. Our Ogden criminal defense lawyer will help you fight your charges and hopefully you can avoid being sent to prison.

Felonies are the most serious criminal charges, and as such, they carry the harshest penalties. A third-degree felony can be punished by a term of no more than 5 years in prison. For second-degree felonies, a convicted defendant may go to prison for at least 1 year but not more than 15 years. Defendants convicted of first-degree felonies face possible prison sentences of at least 5 years to life.

The penalties for criminal charges can become very confusing when a defendant is charged with multiple crimes or a combination of felonies and misdemeanors. Our Ogden criminal defense lawyer can help you navigate the sentencing process and advocate for the most lenient sentence possible.

What Happens After an Arrest in Ogden, UT?

After you are arrested, you will be taken into police custody for booking. The booking process involves taking your mugshot, fingerprints, and other personal information to verify your identity. The police may also question you at this point. If you are interrogated as a criminal suspect in police custody, the police must read you your Miranda rights. These rights include your right to remain silent as well as your right to an attorney. Our Ogden criminal defense attorney can be by your side while the police question you to protect your rights.

What If My Child is Arrested in Ogden?

If your child is arrested in Ogden as an adult, they will be subject to the charges and penalties mentioned above. However, if your child is a minor, they may instead go through the juvenile justice system. The juvenile system works differently from the adult system, focusing on rehabilitating the juvenile rather than punishment. Rather than being “found guilty,” juveniles are instead “adjudicated delinquent.”

Your child may be held in a juvenile detention center rather than jail. Whether or not your child remains in the detention center will depend on whether their alleged crime is a holdable offense. Instead of a bail hearing, juveniles have a detention hearing. At a detention hearing, the court decides if your child will remain in the detention center or return home.

It is possible that once your child has completed their sentence, they can have their juvenile record expunged. This way, their juvenile crimes do not follow them into adulthood. Our Ogden criminal defense attorney can help you through this process and protect your child’s rights.

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