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Can I Settle My Criminal Case in Utah during COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our way of life for months or possibly even years to come. If you were in the midst of handling your criminal case, you might wonder what your legal options are due to the spread of the coronavirus. Fortunately, you may still be...

What Is the Penalty for Disrupting a Public Meeting in Utah?

Throughout the United States and here in Utah, the American people put a great deal of value on our representative form of government and holding our elected officials accountable. We put this into practice by exercising out constitutional rights to free speech and to...

How Much is Bail for a Class A Offense in Utah?

Every year, thousands of individuals face criminal charges in Utah. Charges for a criminal offense can range from lesser crimes (e.g., Class C misdemeanors) to more serious charges (e.g., Class A Misdemeanors). In many instances, defendants have the opportunity to...

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