Overson Law Firm Client Testimonials

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Our attorneys have helped thousands of clients navigate Utah’s criminal system and return their lives to normal.  Here are some testimonials from clients that Darwin Overson has helped in a wide variety of matters stemming from investigations and arrests.  To find out first-hand the difference Darwin makes for his clients, contact him today.

I was charged with domestic violence and the allegations were that I abused my husband.  Truth is, my husband was abusive to me.  I hired Darwin and we had a trial.  During the trial, Darwin was able to show the jury that it was my husband that was abusive and was trying to manipulate the process of our divorce.  The jury found me not guilty and after the trial one of the jurors approached me and told me how impressed the jury was with the way Darwin presented the defense.  Before the trial, my now soon to be ex-husband tried to convince me to plead guilty.  So going to trial was really the first time I was able to stand up to him and not let him manipulate my life anymore.  Darwin really helped me with that process and I can’t express how empowering it has been.  If someone is making allegations against you, you really should talk to Darwin. – TW

I was arrested for DUI. From the very beginning Darwin was very professional and supportive.  Throughout the court process I was scared.  I kept telling Darwin that wanted to plead guilty just to end it but Darwin encouraged me to stick with it and take the case to trial.

The morning of trial, Darwin was able to cross examine the (arresting) officer in such a way as to show the jury that there was reasonable doubt as to the accuracy of the breathalyzer machine.  That was important because they were saying my BAC was .182.

Darwin walked me through my testimony so that the jury understood what happened from my point of view.  I think if he hadn’t been able to help me through my testimony the way he did that the jury wouldn’t have understood and they would have convicted me.  The jury deliberated for two hours and then returned a verdict of not guilty.

I am really thankful that Darwin was my attorney and that I took his advice to take my case to a jury.  If you or a loved one is in trouble, Darwin is your guy.” – T.C.

“My husband was charged with a first degree felony sex crime against our granddaughter.  Anyone who knew my husband knew he didn’t do it.  He was the type to protect children not hurt them.  We had been represented by another attorney who just couldn’t get the prosecutor to see that the charges weren’t good.  When it came time for trial, that attorney was scared to try the case.  We were referred to Darwin and I am so grateful.  Trial was a week long and by the end, Darwin had shown the jury how our grandchild had been manipulated by the social workers and her mother to say things that were not true.  Darwin was careful and thorough in his investigation and preparation before trial and it really showed in court.  The jury found my husband not guilty and I credit Darwin for making that happen.”   – S.R.

“Several years ago, I was having troubles in my marriage.  There were lots of arguments and it was clear that we were headed for a separation.  One night I was woke up by six West Valley Police officers standing around my bed with flashlights shining in my eyes.  It was 3:00 in the morning and they drug me to the police station where they informed me that I was being arrested for engaging in sexual relations with my baby girl.  I could not believe it.  Over the next several days I lost my job because of these allegations and a protective order issued against me preventing me from seeing my wife and child, and even from going to the house to get my things.   My world was turned upside down.  I hired Darwin to represent me.  He helped me get my job back, over turned the protective order and through his own investigation was able to uncover enough about my wife to convince the prosecutor to drop all charges against me.  About six months later my wife was arrested for possessing thousands of dollars of fake checks.  I have moved on and remarried.  I thank Darwin for helping me through an incredibly difficult part of my life and I think had it not been for him, things would have turned out very differently for me and not in a good way.”  – B.N.

“My son was charged in juvenile court with touching a little girl in a public swimming pool.  There were so many kids in the pool that day and just because my boy was wearing red swim trunks, and the little girl said it was a boy wearing red swim trunks, the police decided it was my son.  My son is an Eagle Scout and would never do anything like what they said.  It didn’t matter, they were going after my son and so I hired Darwin to represent him.  With the help of Darwin and his investigator, the charges were eventually dismissed because Darwin was able to show that there were many other kids in that pool wearing red swim trunks and that it was likely another boy that was there that day.  I am so thankful we hired Darwin to help us.”  – J.C.

I was charged with something I am not proud of but that I did when I was 14 years old.  I had almost forgotten about it when the police showed up at my door.  I had grown up since it all happened and was on my way to medical school.  That had to be put on hold because they charged me with three first degree felonies.  Luckily I was referred to Darwin and he helped me get the charges reduced and work out a plea in abeyance agreement so that if I completed probation successfully the charges would be dropped.  I had to delay medical school by a year but was able to complete probation early and went on to graduate from medical school.  Darwin really helped me a lot and I would recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in trouble with the law.”   – S.B.