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When faced with criminal charges, do not skimp on the legal teams helping you. You want a law firm with tenacity, proven results in the courtroom, and a fearless attitude when taking on the other side. Big names and large signs on the doors of some law firms may seem impressive, but the only billboard you should pay attention to is the one advertising experience. Our attorneys can offer more than 14 years of experience advocating for defendants in Utah.

Criminal charges may range from relatively minor and boring to extremely severe. Whether you have to pay a small fine or serve significant time behind bars, you need sound legal advice to help you through the experience. The best thing to bolster your defense is to hire someone with substantial experience in criminal law.

If you find yourself charged with a serious criminal offense, call Overson & Bugden today at (801) 758-2287. We’re available 24 hours a day to take your call. In emergencies, we can make jail or detention center visits. This is one of the most important moments in your life. Do not face it alone. Call our Tooele criminal defense attorneys for a free case review.

What to Do If You Are Arrested in Tooele

If you are arrested, do not panic. Being arrested is, at best, embarrassing. At worst, it can be an incredibly frightening ordeal. Remember, an arrest is not the end of the world. An arrest does not mean that you are formally charged with a crime or definitely going to prison. However, you must be mindful of your rights and make efforts to protect them while you are in police custody.

You have numerous rights that may kick in at different phases of the criminal justice process. When you are arrested and interrogated by law enforcement, your Miranda rights kick in. Your Miranda rights include your right to remain silent and refuse to answer any questions. They also include your right to have a lawyer present while you are questioned. It is important that you invoke both of these rights as soon as possible.

The police might try to dissuade you from invoking these rights. They might tell you that you can get out of there much faster if you just cooperate and answer a few questions. Do not be fooled. You must state firmly and clearly that you are remaining silent until you can speak with your lawyer. A lawyer will help you navigate police questions without incriminating yourself. Call our Tooele criminal defense lawyers for help if you are being questioned by law enforcement. We can help you decide if answering questions or remaining silent is in your best interest.

Types of Criminal Charges in Tooele

Criminal charges are broadly divided into two categories: misdemeanors and felonies. Other types of charges do exist, like summary offenses or minor infractions, but these are often very minimal and are rarely punished with jail time. Some minor offenses, like traffic violations, are not even legally considered crimes in Utah.

Misdemeanors are criminal offenses that are typically punished by no more than 1 year in county jail. Misdemeanors are graded as Class A, B, or C, with Class A misdemeanors being one step below a felony. You might hear people describe misdemeanors as being less serious criminal charges. While misdemeanors are not as serious as felony charges, that does not mean they are insignificant. You might still face months behind bars in addition to some expensive fines.

Felonies are more serious criminal offenses that are punished by at least 1 year in state prison. Many felonies are punished with very harsh prison terms. Convicted defendants sometimes spend years, decades, or the rest of their lives in prison for felony convictions. Many felonies are violent offenses, which is part of the reason they are treated so harshly. If you are charged with a felony, you must act quickly and seek the advice of a skilled attorney. Felony convictions can haunt you long past the completion of your sentence. Our Tooele criminal defense lawyers have years of experience handling a wide variety of criminal charges, and we can help you.

Have the Authorities Abused Your Rights?

The authorities are under no obligation to tell you the truth. That’s a fact. They are, however, under certain obligations when making an arrest, including informing you of your rights to remain silent and have counsel present, but after that, all bets are off. Investigators are looking to get a confession out of you, and they would like that statement recorded to make it easier to convict you later. Our Tooele criminal defense attorneys can help.

Invoke Your Right to Remain Silent

This right is inalienable, which means police officers cannot compel you to speak or continue questioning you beyond your consent. If the authorities violate this standard, we’ll find out and use it to throw out anything you may have said after the fact.

We’re Local Attorneys

Our offices are in Salt Lake City for your convenience. Call us anytime you need, and we can be available for the very same day within a short amount of time. We also understand the tendencies of prosecutors in Utah and can use that knowledge to your benefit as we progress through your case.

Criminal Law Is Our Passion

The courtroom is where we’re comfortable. Fighting hard to see your charges tossed or a ‘not guilty’ verdict returned in your favor is what we’ll work hard every day to achieve. We’ve represented thousands of clients. A law firm doesn’t continue to accumulate business in those numbers unless they’re successful.

Suppressing Evidence in a Criminal Case in Tooele

When the authorities seize evidence, they must do so in accordance with very strict legal procedures. These procedures are in place to protect citizens from the overreach of overzealous government officials. When the police conduct searches or seize evidence in violation of someone’s rights, the evidence is considered tainted and cannot be used in court.

The trick is proving that your rights were violated and that certain pieces of evidence are tainted. It is not enough to merely allege tainted evidence; we must prove it. Generally, searches must be conducted, and evidence seized, according to warrants. A warrant is a written authorization from a judge allowing the police to invade your privacy and search for evidence, often in your home. A warrant is always required unless your case fits within special exceptions. If the police did not have a search warrant and no exceptions apply to your case, any seized evidence can be suppressed.

We can suppress tainted evidence by filing a motion before your trial begins. Pre-trial motions can seem boring and mundane, but they can shape the direction of your trial. The more evidence that we can suppress, the better the outlook of your case. Speak to our Tooele criminal defense attorneys for more information.

Negotiating Plea Agreements for Criminal Cases in Tooele

While some criminal cases will end in a jury verdict, not every case gets so far. Many criminal cases – perhaps most of them – end in plea agreements. These agreements, also called plea bargains or plea deals, involve the defendant pleading guilty and the prosecutor agreeing to reduce the charges.

Plea agreements are not mandatory. The prosecutor may offer a plea deal, but you do not have to accept. Our Tooele criminal defense lawyers can help you decide if you have better odds at securing a verdict of not guilty or if a plea deal is the better choice.

It is also possible that prosecutors may refuse to offer a plea agreement. While we can certainly initiate plea deal negotiations, a prosecutor must accept the deal for it to be valid. If your prosecutor is reluctant, our legal team can work to convince them your case deserves a plea offer.

Our Utah Attorneys Prepare for Trial from Day One

If your attorney isn’t preparing for trial from the beginning, you have already lost. Even if plea bargaining is the best strategy to employ, you must still prepare for a full trial. Our Tooele criminal defense lawyers are prepared to take a case before a judge and jury. We’ve seen successful outcomes from even the most difficult cases with this dedication to preparedness and goal to always approach criminal cases from a position of strength.

Our team can review your case and work with you to develop the most effective defense strategy for your case. For some, the best defense tactics may involve arguing for a total acquittal. In other cases, the best option might be to reduce your final sentence through a plea deal or some form of alternative sentencing. Being charged with a crime and being put through a trial are frightening things to endure, but you do not have to do so alone.

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If you need immediate legal assistance, call the law offices of Overson & Bugden today at (801) 758-2287. We offer affordable rate plans so you can worry less about money and focus on what’s most important – your freedom and good name. Contact our Tooele criminal defense attorneys for a free case review.