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If you have been charged with a crime in Utah, you know that your very freedom may be at stake. Further, criminal convictions for a misdemeanor or felony appear on your criminal record, leading to informal consequences and stigma. With more than 15 years of experience in standing up for Utahans caught up in the criminal justice system, you can depend on us.

Our legal team handles a wide variety of criminal cases, from minor misdemeanors to serious felonies. We are prepared to help you at every stage and phase of the criminal justice process, including immediately after your arrest. The justice system is extremely complex and might feel overwhelming, if not completely terrifying. Our attorneys can provide you with the legal assistance you need to be at ease while we focus on fighting your charges.

If you or someone you know has recently been arrested or charged with a criminal offense, our South Jordan criminal defense attorneys are here to help. Being charged with a crime is scary, and we can help give you peace of mind. Call Overson & Bugden at (801) 758-2287 for a free case evaluation.

What Happens When You Get Arrested by the South Jordan Police?

Being arrested is never a pleasant experience. In many cases, people are caught totally off guard when the police arrive to arrest them. Knowing what the arrest process is like may help you if you are ever arrested in the future. If you have already been arrested, our South Jordan criminal defense attorneys can review your arrest experience for any violations of your rights.

Generally, the rule of thumb is arrest warrants are always needed unless the circumstances fall under specific exceptions to the rule. One such exception is that the police may execute an arrest without a warrant if they witness the crime happen. Even when warrants are present, they are not always valid. Warrants based on irrelevant or false evidence can and should be challenged.

After your arrest, you will be taken to jail for booking. Booking is when the police take your mugshot, fingerprints, personal information like your name and address, and biographical information. The police might also ask you for a statement, but you should avoid talking to the police without an attorney present.

Once booked, arrestees are typically afforded one phone call. Many arrestees call family or friends in the hopes of securing bail money and letting their loved ones know where they are. Your phone call should also be used to get a lawyer. Have your family reach out to our South Jordan criminal defense attorneys.

Any personal belongings you had with you at the time of your arrest, including your phone, wallet, keys, or anything else, will be confiscated. If any of your personal belongings are considered evidence of an alleged crime, it is unlikely they will be returned to you any time soon.

Where Are You Taken After You Are Arrested in South Jordan?

You are taken to a county jail to be booked and questioned when you are arrested in South Jordan. It is important to understand where these jails are because the police might have departments and offices at multiple addresses. If your loved one has been arrested, figure out which jail they have been taken to and call our South Jordan criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible.

There are two county jails in the South Jordan area that may be housing your loved one after an arrest:

Salt Lake County Metro Jail
3415 S. 900 W
South Salt Lake, UT 84119

Salt Lake County Oxbow Jail
3148 S 1100 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84119

These are county jails that serve South Jordan and the surrounding areas. Depending on where you or your loved one was arrested, they might have been taken to different facilities. If you are unsure where your loved one is being held, contact our South Jordan criminal defense attorney for help immediately.

Where Is the Courthouse in South Jordan?

There are multiple courts in South Jordan where your case might end up. Your case could also start in one court and end up in a different one. You must appear at all your hearings and court dates on time. Showing up late is a good way to get on a judge’s bad side. Failing to show up could see a bench warrant issued for your arrest and your bail revoked. There are several courts in and around South Jordan that you might end up in.

South Jordan Justice Court
10655 South Redwood Road
South Jordan, Utah 84095

West Jordan District Court
8080 South Redwood Road, Ste. 1701
West Jordan, UT 84088

Different courts may hear different types of crimes. The Justice Court, also called the Municipal Court, tends to hear lesser misdemeanors. More serious offenses might end up in the District Court. Call our South Jordan criminal defense attorneys for help with your court hearings.

Being Questioned by the Police in South Jordan After an Arrest

After being arrested, you are going to be questioned by the police. This often happens very shortly after your arrest when you are likely scared, tired, and vulnerable. People often find it very hard to tell a police officer no, but you do not have to answer their questions. You also do not have to go through this process alone.

Before being questioned, the police must inform you of your Miranda rights. These rights are frequently recited on television and in movies, and they include your right to remain silent and your right to a lawyer. It is in your best interest to invoke both these rights. The police may attempt to pressure you into cooperating with them by repeatedly asking you if you are absolutely sure. Do not relent. Demand an attorney and do not answer any questions at all until you have one with you.

Once an attorney is present, which might take a bit of time depending on when you were arrested, you can privately discuss your situation with them. Under your lawyer’s guidance, you can refuse to answer any questions or answer questions with your lawyer present. Your lawyer can help you answer questions to avoid incriminating yourself. Our South Jordan criminal defense attorneys are more than ready to stand up for you during police questioning.

How to Talk to Your Loved One After They Were Arrested in South Jordan

Communicating with loved ones after they were arrested is often difficult. Besides their one phone call traditionally permitted after an arrest, it can be difficult to get in touch. Your loved one is unlikely to be reached while the police are actively questioning them. Once they are detained in jail, you might be able to get in touch. However, each jail might have different rules and procedures for communicating with inmates.

Phone calls can be made through collect calls or by purchasing a phone card. You must first set up a commissary account for the inmate before they can purchase a phone card. To receive phone calls on your cell phone from the jail, you must have a pre-paid account through the jail’s CenturyLink system. You can call (888) 506-8407 to set up your account.

Mail can be sent to the addresses listed above. However, any incoming mail will be searched and inspected before the inmate receives it. This is done for security reasons, although it can feel like a violation of privacy. If you send something suspicious, it could be held by jail security, and you could be questioned.

Visiting in person might be an option, although the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way this happens. You cannot simply drop in and visit. You must schedule the visit ahead of time so the inmate can be securely taken to the visiting area. The number of visitors and visits per week may be limited. There might also be new policies concerning masks and social distancing that must be followed when you arrive. Speak with our South Jordan criminal defense attorneys about how to visit someone in jail.

Experienced Utah Attorneys Handle a Broad-Array of Criminal Defense Matters

The fact of the matter is that if you are facing criminal charges, it is not uncommon for the prosecutor to file a volley of charges against you. When you are facing one, or multiple charges, it is essential that you have an attorney that understands how the charges may interact and the extent of the potential consequences for your particular charges, including the following:

  • Assault – Statistics compiled by the Utah Department of Public Safety reveal that assaults are one of the most common crimes in Utah.  Even considering the more serious aggravated assault charge alone, there were over three times more aggravated assaults than robberies in 2012.
  • Drug Crimes – We protect your rights and freedoms, whether your offense is a charge for possession, manufacture, or distribution of marijuana, molly, cocaine, or a different controlled substance. Further, if your matter includes a DUI and license suspension element, we fight to protect your driver’s license.
  • DUI Defense – The DUI law in Utah can be abused by unscrupulous police officers. Also, people can make an honest mistake due to a new prescription medication that can be prosecuted as a DUIs– with all of the consequences including automatic license suspension. If you have been charged with a DUI, time is of the essence as you must dispute your license suspension within 10 days of your arrest.
  • Juvenile Crimes – Juvenile crimes can be devastating to young people trying to get their lives on track. Having a criminal record can set you back years due to a prison sentence or affect everything from being able to attend college to getting a job after graduation.
  • Kidnapping – Kidnapping is a felony charge in Utah, meaning that both the formal punishments and social stigma are extremely harsh. Unfortunately, kidnapping charges can arise due to miscommunication or personal animosity motivated by custody disputes or other familial disputes.
  • Murder – Murder, or the unlawful and intentional killing of a human being with malice aforethought, is undoubtedly one of, if not the most, serious charge a person can face. Whether your criminal homicide charge is the common law variety described above or due to the death of a person during an alleged felony, our attorneys stand up for you and protect your freedom.
  • Sex Crimes – Even the accusation of a sex crime like rape, sexual assault, prostitution, lewdness, or solicitation of a minor is extremely damaging to one’s reputation – and that’s before considering any of the formal penalties. Our experienced attorneys force the prosecutor to prove each and every element of the charges against you.
  • Terroristic Threats – Since the early 2000s, the term terrorist has been thrown around, and crimes that previously would have been charged with lesser offenses have become serious felonies. In fact, even a joke gone wrong can carry felony charges.
  • Theft – Theft itself can carry either misdemeanor or felony charges. Our attorneys fight to clear your name whether you have been accused of petty theft, theft, or misappropriation.
  • Traffic Offenses – We can also expunge many traffic offenses as most traffic offenses can be expunged provided that waiting periods have been satisfied, fines have been paid, and there are no additional pending offenses.
  • Vandalism – Because vandalism involves the destruction of property, many people think the consequences are limited to the value of the property destroyed or defaced. However, this is not the case as both monetary and criminal penalties can apply.
  • Weapons Crimes – Weapons crimes are serious offenses, including illegal possession, illegal sale or transfer, and reckless endangerment. If you are convicted of a weapons charge in Utah, you could face fines, jail time, and lifelong weapons restrictions.
  • White-Collar Crime – We protect you from allegations of all types of white-collar crime, including misappropriation, embezzlement, identify theft or fraud, and money laundering.

Regardless of the criminal charges pending against you, our experienced and tenacious attorneys stand up for your rights and protect your freedom. Call our South Jordan criminal defense attorneys for help today.

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