Disciplinary Hearing Lawyer for Students at LDS Business College

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If you or someone you know is facing a potential disciplinary hearing, there is no time to waste. Retaining the services of a skilled, dedicated Utah disciplinary hearing lawyer may offer your best chance to defend yourself against the charges you face. As with formal trials, you are innocent until proven guilty.

That is why the team at Overson & Bugden, is dedicated to protecting and upholding your rights during your disciplinary hearing at LDS Business College. Schedule a free, confidential consultation to discuss the next step in your disciplinary hearing process. Call Overson Law today at (801) 758-2287 to find out more.

Understanding Disciplinary Hearings at Utah Colleges

Many students going through college do not have a clear idea of how disciplinary hearings work or what their rights are during these proceedings. Disciplinary hearings are proceedings in which a student is charged with breaking one or more rules set forth by their college. For instance, a student may face a disciplinary hearing if he or she was caught cheating, plagiarizing, committing a crime, or otherwise breaking their academic institution’s rules. The situation can escalate quickly, depending on the actions of the student in question. In some cases, a student can even be charged with a crime, which can lead to formal criminal charges and the involvement of law enforcement.

These hearings can be complicated, stressful, and overwhelming, especially if you have never been involved in one before. During a disciplinary hearing, the student will have to defend himself or herself in front of a panel consisting of members of the school staff and other students. Academic disciplinary hearings should not be taken lightly. Students can expect procedures similar to a trial. In other words, there are rules both parties have to follow regarding the admission of evidence, presentation of witnesses, and other procedural elements.

It is always in your best interest to have legal counsel at your side during an academic disciplinary hearing. These proceedings are generally about what you can prove through evidence, not whether you claim to be innocent. Students who face a disciplinary hearing without adequate legal representation can put themselves at risk, especially if they are not aware of what these proceedings demand. The skilled disciplinary hearing lawyers at Overson & Bugden, can help you through this difficult situation.

Preparing for a Disciplinary Hearing at LDS Business College

Disciplinary hearing procedures can change depending on the circumstances of your case. For instance, a disciplinary hearing based on academic performance may not be as rigorous as one based on an alleged crime. In academic performance cases, much of the evidence against you will be provided by staff and documentation showing some academic failure.

However, there may be instances where a student is charged with a severe offense such as rape, murder, assault, or another crime. In these cases, the stakes are much higher for the student. Not only could he or she face expulsion, but they may also be formally charged with a crime and tried in a criminal court. A student accused of a felony risks losing everything they have fought to achieve. For this reason alone, you should consider getting assistance from an experienced disciplinary hearing attorney.

One of the ways a student can prepare himself or herself for their disciplinary hearing is by gathering as much evidence as they can to prove their innocence. Every academic institution has its own set of rules when it comes to one of these hearings, but a common denominator at many schools is a limitation on the use of time. Generally, students don’t have much time to prepare for their hearing. Therefore, if you have been charged with breaking an academic or institutional rule at LDS Business College in Utah, there is no time to waste.

As a student facing the system, you may wonder whether there are defense strategies that can be applied to your case. Fortunately, there are ways you can defend yourself against your charges. For instance, one of the ways you can protect yourself is by challenging the way your academic institution handled their proceedings. As an example, you may argue you didn’t get a proper and timely notification of the hearing as required by the institution’s own guidelines. Furthermore, you may be able to state that you were not given the opportunity to bring your own witnesses, cross-examine opposing witnesses, or challenge the evidence against you.

This is why you need an experienced disciplinary hearing attorney at your side. Your lawyer can keep you informed and aware of your rights throughout the disciplinary hearing. Additionally, a lawyer may be able to challenge how the whole procedure was handled or question the validity of the evidence presented against you.

As a final note, you may need to appeal the decision made by the disciplinary panel – an undertaking that would undoubtedly benefit from the help of skilled legal representation.

Disciplinary Hearing Lawyer Serving Students at LDS Business College

If you or someone you know is facing a disciplinary hearing at LDS Business College, we may be able to help. At the offices of Overson & Bugden, we understand how crucial legal representation can be during a disciplinary hearing. For that reason, we work hard to provide you with the information you need and the legal representation you deserve. Backed by many years of experience, our Utah disciplinary hearing attorneys can ensure that your rights are upheld at all times. To learn more about our legal services and how we can help with your case, call Overson & Bugden, today at (801) 758-2287.