DUI Defense Lawyer for Students at Utah Valley University

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With nearly 40,000 students, Utah Valley University describes itself as “the largest public university in the state of Utah.” Located in Orem, UVU offers a wide range of degrees and programs, attracting students from all types of backgrounds. Unfortunately, even the most promising academic career can be derailed by a DUI charge – an event which could lead to consequences like jail time, probation, fines, license suspension, vehicle impoundment, disciplinary hearings, and even expulsion. Make sure that your family is prepared by consulting an experienced Orem DUI lawyer for college students at UVU.

Darwin Overson, founder of Overson & Bugden, has spent more than 16 years fighting felony and misdemeanor charges in Utah. If you or your son or daughter was arrested for drunk driving at UVU in Orem, Overson Law is here to provide compassionate legal support and aggressive courtroom representation. Contact our law offices online right away to arrange a free legal consultation, or call Overson Law at (801) 758-2287. We are here to assist you when you need us – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What is the Utah DUI Law?

Each state has its own DUI law. In Utah, the DUI statute is Utah Code § 41-6a-502, which defines DUI and explains the elements of the offense. The “elements of an offense” are the facts that the state must prove in order to obtain a conviction.

As outlined in Utah Code § 41-6a-502, there are several circumstances under which a driver can be charged with DUI in Utah. DUI charges can be filed if:

  • The driver is age 21 or older and has a BAC measurement of 0.05 or higher. Utah decreased the limit from 0.08 to 0.05 in December 2018, bringing into effect the nation’s strictest and lowest BAC threshold for DUI. (Note that lower limits apply for commercial drivers.)
  • The driver is below age 21 and has any BAC above 0.00 (known as Utah’s “Not a Drop” law). This applies even if the driver is not actually impaired.
  • The driver is any age and is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol “to a degree that renders the person incapable of safely operating a vehicle,” even if the substance in question has been lawfully prescribed. This is the definition supplied by Utah Code § 41-6a-502(1)(b).

Another important, related statute is Utah Code § 41-6a-503, which explains how Utah DUI offenses are classified – for instance, when offenses are Class B misdemeanors versus Class A misdemeanors. Under this statute, a first-offense DUI is generally a Class B misdemeanor, unless there are certain exceptional circumstances (such as causing injury), in which case DUI becomes a Class A misdemeanor. Academic sanctions and criminal penalties for DUI at Utah Valley University are discussed in the following section.

Fines and Jail Time for DUI in Utah

It is vital to act swiftly and consult with an attorney right away if you or your child has been arrested for drunk driving or drugged driving while attending UVU. It may be possible to mitigate the penalties you face, or even avoid penalties altogether; but the longer you wait to seek legal help, the greater danger you become exposed to.

In Utah, criminal courts can impose severe penalties for DUI, even if it is the defendant’s first DUI offense or first criminal offense. The criminal penalties for a first-offense DUI in Utah may include 48 hours of jail time (or, in certain cases, an equivalent 48 hours of community service); 120 days of license suspension, along with vehicle impoundment; various fees and fines that, when added together, can cost the defendant more than $1,300; probation, which requires the probationer to follow specific rules and conditions; evaluation and treatment or counseling, where appropriate; and installation of an ignition interlock device (IID), which functions similarly to a breathalyzer.

In addition to facing numerous criminal penalties, the student can also be expelled from the university, or face other academic sanctions. Moreover, a criminal conviction will result in a criminal record, which follows the offender everywhere unless the records are sealed or expunged.

Orem DUI Defense Attorney for College Students at Utah Valley University

Being arrested can be a frightening, disorienting event – especially when the potential consequences are so severe. An experienced attorney, like Darwin Overson, can protect and guide you within the court system, shielding you from giving up rights or incriminating yourself accidentally. Darwin will prepare you for court and academic hearings, uphold your constitutional rights, challenge the evidence against you, and fight to have your penalties reduced or your charges dismissed. Contact Overson Law online right away to set up a free consultation, or call (801) 758-2287 to speak with a Salt Lake City DUI lawyer for UVU students today.