Should I Wait to Receive My Charges Before Hiring an Attorney in Utah?

Many individuals will know or suspect that they are going to be charged with a crime well before they receive a notice in the mail or the cops arrest them. Most individuals know that they have the right to be represented by a lawyer to defend themselves from any accusations. However, most people also don’t really think about hiring an attorney until they are either accused of a crime, arrested, or both. You are able to hire a lawyer at any point – even before you are formally charged with a crime – but should you?

It is generally a good idea to hire legal counsel as soon as you can if you suspect that you are going to be charged with a crime in the future. If you can, it is beneficial to retain legal counsel before you are charged with a crime or taken into custody. This will give the lawyer more time to prepare and work on your potential case.

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Do I Need to Be Accused of a Crime Before I Hire a Lawyer in Utah?

There is no rule that requires you to wait until you are formally charged with a crime to hire a lawyer. However, it can be difficult to know that you need our Clearfield, UT criminal defense lawyers in the first place if you were not arrested or otherwise notified that you are being charged with a crime. Hiring a lawyer early on in the process benefits you by giving the lawyer more time to work on your case and build an effective legal argument.

Why Do People Wait to Hire Lawyers in Utah Criminal Defense Matters

Sometimes, individuals will know that they may need a criminal defense lawyer in the near future but wait to hire one. There are a multitude of reasons why an individual may wait to hire an attorney when they need one.

First, a person may not know that there are potential criminal charges waiting in the wings. If an individual did commit an “obvious” crime, like robbing a store, they may know that potential criminal charges are in their future, but others are taken by surprise and do not think they were in need of a lawyer before they are arrested and charged.

Second, legal services are not always cheap. Potential defendants may hold off on hiring a lawyer, even if they expect to be charged with a crime, due to budgetary concerns.

Finally, many people may mistakenly believe that hiring a lawyer makes you “look guilty.” This is an incorrect, dangerous assumption that can actually hurt your case. On the contrary, hiring a lawyer early can make you look prepared and aware of your legal rights. You should not worry about hiring an attorney early on if your only concern is that it will “not look good.”

When is the Best Time to Hire a Lawyer in Utah?

It is better to hire an attorney sooner rather than later because it allows them to do more things to help advocate for you in court. Of course, the practical reality is that you should always have legal counsel when facing criminal charges. However, you need to consider the factors of your particular situation and determine when the best time to hire an attorney is for you and your case. Some services we can provide might help you determine when to hire us:

Alter Charges Against You

An extremely potent advantage of hiring a lawyer before you are formally charged is that they may be able to negotiate the charges that actually gets levied against you – or even do away with charges entirely in some cases. A lawyer can talk to the prosecutor before they enter charges and explain to them why a less serious set of charges, or none at all, makes sense in your case, especially if you are willing to pay restitution, participate in rehabilitative services, or otherwise pay civil fines and penalties instead of having the charges escalated to criminal charges.

Protection From Unfair Police Practices

We can help protect you from tactics police use to try and get an unfair admission of guilt and a conviction. Our lawyers can put a stop to any decisions or manipulative tactics police use against you and can ensure that you are treated fairly under the law.

Help Throughout the Case

If you hire a lawyer before you are charged but still end up facing criminal charges, you will be in a better position than if you waited until that point to look for a lawyer. Our lawyers will already be familiar with your case and situation at the point that you are charged and will be “ahead of the game” in building a strong legal case to defend you from prosecutors. Attorneys can talk to police, prosecutors, and other parties at times when you would otherwise have to do that interaction yourself.

Is it Bad if I Wait Until I Am Charged with a Crime to Hire a Lawyer in Utah?

All that being said, it is not necessarily a bad thing if you do not elect to hire a defense attorney until after you are charged with a crime. Indeed, that is the most common situation that defendants find themselves in. Not hiring a lawyer until you get charged is in no way whatsoever predictive of the outcome of your trial. That will be tied to the strength of the case our attorneys can build on your behalf.

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