What Can Show Up on a Background Check for an Apartment in Utah?

If you’ve recently been arrested and convicted of a crime in Utah, you may be unprepared for how that will affect your life upon release. If you don’t get your criminal record expunged, it can show up on a background check for an apartment in Utah.

When Utah landlords receive an apartment application, they’ll likely run background checks on the applicant. Among these various checks is one that will show any criminal history an applicant may have. If a Utah landlord sees that you have previously been arrested and convicted of a crime, they are often well within their rights to deny your apartment application. Finding safe housing can be difficult for Utah residents with criminal histories, so it’s wise to hire an attorney and explore the benefits of expungement.

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What Will Show Up on a Background Check for an Apartment in Utah?

When you apply for an apartment in Utah, a landlord will run a background check. Generally, landlords look for things that indicate risks, like previous evictions, bankruptcies, and, unfortunately for some Utah residents, criminal records.

Generally, after receiving an apartment application from a potential tenant, Utah landlords will perform a series of background checks. Most notably, landlords often run a criminal history check. That means if you have been arrested or convicted of a crime in Utah, your prospective landlord will be able to see that information. Of course, if you hire a West Valley criminal defense lawyer and erase your criminal record, that information won’t be available to a landlord when running a background check.

Utah landlords tend to thoroughly vet potential tenants to better evaluate the risk of renting an apartment to them. If you have a criminal record, even from years in the past, that information will be available to a Utah landlord when they run a criminal background check on you.

Can I Be Denied an Apartment if My Criminal Record Shows Up on a Background Check in Utah?

Having a criminal record can impact your life in multiple ways. It can harm your relationships with loved ones and your ability to find work. But, can it affect housing? Utah residents with previous criminal histories need to know whether or not a landlord can deny their apartment application just because they have a criminal record.

Unfortunately for individuals with criminal records, Utah landlords are permitted to discriminate against apartment applicants who have had run-ins with the law. That means, if a criminal background check on you comes back with information regarding arrests or convictions, a landlord can deny your apartment application. In Utah, landlords need no additional reasons to deny an application. It doesn’t matter if you have excellent credit or exemplary rent payment history: a landlord can deny you housing if you have a criminal record in Utah.

That being said, if a landlord denies you housing for another reason, not solely because your application is less than ideal, that could be an illegal form of discrimination. Contacting an attorney is important as a landlord’s denial of your apartment application could violate the Fair Housing Act.

Individuals who don’t get their criminal records erased with help from a Sandy criminal defense lawyer can have more difficulty finding housing. While a landlord might not care about an arrest or conviction that happened far in the past, if your criminal record has made it difficult for you to find a job, they may deny you based on insufficient income. Unfortunately, a criminal record can affect a landlord’s opinion of you and whether or not they decide to rent you an apartment.

What Can I Do to Prevent a Criminal Background Check from Affecting My Apartment Application in Utah?

Utah residents with criminal records can face roadblocks when such information shows up on a background check for an apartment. To prevent your past from impacting your present, you can reach out to a Utah expungement lawyer to get your criminal record erased.

Utah provides pathways for individuals with criminal records to get arrests and convictions expunged. Generally, individuals with criminal records can expect to be denied an apartment upon application, as landlords often wish to assume as little risk as possible when renting out their property. While this discrimination can be frustrating to Utah residents, there are ways to avoid it.

Depending on the severity of your crime or whether or not your case was dismissed, you may be able to get your criminal record expunged. In Utah, some individuals arrested but not charged with a crime can generally get an arrest expunged within 30 days. The wait time to file for expungement for dismissed cases is generally a bit longer. Individuals convicted of crimes in Utah may have to wait several years after serving their sentence to file for expungement. That said, it’s wise to hire a Park City criminal defense lawyer once you are eligible. Your attorney can help you take the necessary steps to file for expungement and get your criminal record erased.

Once your arrests or convictions have been expunged, a landlord won’t be able to see them when running a background check on you. Neither will potential employers, so securing a job after release can be easier. Utah residents can more easily get approved for an apartment with a good job and a clean criminal record.

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