What to Do if Your Family Member Was Arrested and Is Being Held at Cache County Jail

Not everyone in jail has been convicted of a crime. Many are simply being held in custody while awaiting trial, and are eligible to be released on bail. Utah’s Constitution states that, with the exception of aggravated murder, all criminal offenses qualify for bail – even serious felonies like burglary and sexual assault.

If your spouse or one of your family members is currently in custody at Utah’s Cache County Jail, this guide will help you understand how to post bail, how bail bonds work, and what you can do if you think your loved one’s bail amount is too high. It also provides some useful contact information for bail bond companies local to the Cache County area.

If you have any questions about posting bail, having bail lowered, the criminal penalties your loved one may be facing, or any other aspects of the charges against your family member, please do not hesitate to call our law offices at (801) 758-2287 for a free legal consultation. We will keep your family’s information confidential, and our dedicated attorneys are available to make emergency jail visits any time of day or night.

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How Do You Bail Someone Out of the Cache County Jail?

Bail acts like collateral, guaranteeing a detainee’s release on the condition that he or she pledges to return for each scheduled court hearing. If the defendant is later found not guilty, or acquitted, the bail money will be refunded as long as the defendant did not violate the conditions of bail or fail to appear in court, which is called skipping bail or bail jumping. If a defendant fails to appear in court, not only do they forfeit bail – they can also be charged with a misdemeanor or even a felony. In light of these harsh consequences, it is extremely important to make sure your loved one attends all required court appearances after being bailed out.

You can bail a detainee out of the Cache County Jail by visiting the jail in person. Be sure to come prepared with a government ID, such as a state ID or passport. To make sure the procedure goes as smoothly as possible, take a few minutes to read up on Cache County Jail policies before you get into your car.

The Cache County Jail is located at the following address:

1225 West 200 North (Valley View)
Logan, Utah 84321

There are three ways to contact the Cache County Jail:

  • Call the jail at (435) 755-1200.
  • Email Lieutenant Doyle Peck by using the contact form on the Cache County Jail website.
  • Visit the jail during the hours of 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

If the initial bail amount is too expensive, don’t give up hope. The Utah and U.S. Constitutions both forbid “excessive” bail, and it may be possible to dramatically lower the bail amount through a bail reduction hearing. If your loved one is not a flight risk or a danger to public safety, and can demonstrate ties to the local community, he or she may even qualify for cost-free bail called “Release on Recognizance” (ROR). All ROR requires is a signature, and compliance with certain conditions – no payment is necessary.

Contact Bail Bond Companies in Cache County, UT

If your loved one’s bail cannot be reduced, and he or she does not qualify for ROR, a bail bond company might be another option worth considering. To describe the process simply, the bail company will front the money for your loved one to be released after you pay a small portion of the overall bail amount, generally 10% to 15%.

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While you only have to pay a fraction of the cost to the bond company, you also assume financial liability if the defendant fails to appear in court, which means the company can sue you and come after your assets. Additionally, the 10% to 15% fee will never be returned to you – even if your loved one ends up being found not guilty. If you feel comfortable with this type of arrangement, a bail bond service may be an ideal option.
There is no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a bail bond company. To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve compiled a short list of bail bond services in Cache County and the surrounding counties. Many, but not all, stay open 24 hours a day, so make sure to call in advance to confirm the hours of operation. Don’t be afraid to call around and compare company policies before making a decision about which service you are most comfortable with.

AAA Bail Bonds – (435) 750-8978
Logan, UT 84321

Acme Bail Bonds – (435) 723-8869
Brigham City, UT 84302

Bad Boys Bail Bonds – Logan – (435) 755-6511
50 West 200 North
Logan, UT 84321

Beehive Bail Bonds – (435) 755-7602
46 South 400
Logan, UT 84321

Forest Street Bail Bonds – (435) 723-7206
21 West Forest Street
Brigham City, UT 84302

Massey’s Bail Bonds – (435) 915-3005
40 West 1250 North
Suite 3
Logan, UT 84341

Rebel Bail Bonds – (435) 755-0652
425 West 2600 South
Logan, UT 84321

Utah Bail Bonds – (435) 723-0330
45 East 200 South
Brigham City, UT 84302

It’s important to emphasize that bailable doesn’t always mean bondable. Certain offenses are bailable on a cash-only basis, which means you must pay the full bail amount in cash and cannot use a bondsman.

If someone you love is being detained at the Cache County Jail, make sure their Constitutional rights are being guarded. Call our criminal defense lawyers at (801) 758-2287 for a free and confidential legal consultation today.