Does Salt Lake International Airport Check for Warrants?

Airports are high-security places, and passengers go through various security checks before they board a plane. While it is possible that you might be arrested on an outstanding warrant in the airport, it is not guaranteed.

Most people working at the Salt Lake International Airport are not members of law enforcement. They are typically not running warrant checks on everyone that comes through the airport. Still, there are numerous security guidelines and regulations that must be followed. If you break the rules, you could get in trouble with the police, and they will probably find out about your warrants.

Our Salt Lake City criminal defense attorneys can help you if you are arrested at the airport. We can also help you determine if you have any warrants out for your arrest before going to the airport. Call Overson & Bugden at (801) 758-2287 for a free case review to get started.

Will Salt Lake International Airport Check Me for Outstanding Warrants?

It is not likely that the Salt Lake International Airport will run a check for warrants when you come through security before boarding your plane. However, it is not completely outside the realm of possibilities. The airport has its own police force that oversees law enforcement duties within the airport. While these officials are not checking every person for warrants, they might find warrants if they have a reason to detain you or if they run random spot checks.

Other employees at the airport, like security personnel and TSA agents, typically do not have the authority to run checks for warrants. Running such a check requires having access to certain government databases. Only law enforcement officials have this kind of power. Although, if you violate security rules, a security or TSA agent might report you to the police, and the police might discover your warrants.

Although the airport does not check passengers for warrants as a matter of routine security, it does for employees. A person seeking employment with the airport might go through a background check and a check for warrants. This check is necessary because many areas of the airport where employees have access are high-security or sensitive areas. If you have a warrant, not only will you not get the job, but the airport might contact law enforcement about you.

If you believe you have outstanding warrants, the best thing you can do is try to clear them. Some warrants are minor, like a bench warrant for a traffic violation, and maybe more easily cleared. Clearing other more serious warrants might involve your arrest.

When Am I Likely to Be Checked for Warrants at Salt Lake International Airport?

Now that you know that warrant checks are not part of routine security for airline passengers, it is important to understand the circumstances that might lead to a warrant check. To understand this, you have to know who has the authority to conduct such a check.

The police at the airport is part of the Salt Lake City Police Department Airport Bureau. Just like different police departments and precincts are in charge of specific areas, this particular group is in charge of patrolling the airport. Remember, these officers have sworn law enforcement officials with full police powers. If anyone runs a warrant check, it is probably them. Like most other police officers, they might run a warrant if they have a reason to detain you.

For example, if you attempted to bring a prohibited item on the airplane with you, the airport police might be contacted. If the item is dangerous, like a firearm, you might be detained and questioned. The police will very likely run a check and discover any warrants. Even though an airport is a high-security area, the police must still respect your rights just like they would anywhere else. Our Park City criminal defense attorneys can help you if the police overstepped their legal boundaries.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has a lot of authority within an airport, but they are not police officers. They cannot arrest you or run a check for warrants. However, they can report you to the police at the airport for a security violation, and the police might find your warrants.

Warrant Checks for Salt Lake International Airport Employees

Salt Lake International Airport passengers are not usually checked for outstanding warrants. As long as you do not do anything that draws the attention of airport law enforcement officers, you should be fine. In contrast, employees may be checked for warrants depending on what kind of job they do. If you believe you might have outstanding warrants, talk to our Ogden criminal defense lawyers before applying for the job.

Airports are high-security areas, and some places are particularly sensitive. Jobs that give employees access to secure facilities may require background checks, including checks for outstanding warrants. Anyone with outstanding warrants may be denied the job and turned over to the authorities.

What Should I Do If I Need to Visit Salt Lake International Airport but I Have a Warrant?

If you are worried about outstanding bench warrants at the airport, our St. George criminal defense attorneys can help you get them cleared. Warrants can hang around indefinitely. A bench warrant will remain active forever if it is not cleared. People have been known to be pulled over for traffic stops only to find they have a bench warrant from years ago.

We can help you clear a warrant by reaching out to the court or possibly to law enforcement. Minor warrants for things like missed court dates for traffic violations do not have to result in your arrest. We can contact the relevant court, explain the bench warrant situation, and reschedule the court date. In many cases, this will clear the warrant.

More serious cases might be a bit more challenging. A warrant for a serious crime might involve turning yourself in to the police. Even so, we can help you do this on your own terms and get a jump start working on your defense. We can also help get you out on bail as soon as possible.

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