How to Contact an Inmate at Beaver County Jail

Beaver County Jail in Utah is located at the following address:

2270 South 525 West
Beaver, UT 84713

The jail houses three populations: inmates who have been convicted of misdemeanors (sentences up to one year in length), inmates who are waiting to be transferred to the Utah State Prison, and detainees who are still awaiting trial.

If you have a family member in custody at Beaver County Jail, it’s extremely important that he or she has legal representation.  Law enforcement won’t hesitate to question your loved one without an attorney present, and depending on the nature of the charges, he or she could be facing extremely serious criminal penalties.  Don’t go through this difficult time alone: call criminal defense lawyer Darwin Overson at (801) 758-2287 to set up a free legal consultation or attorney jail visit.  Darwin is there for you around the clock, including weekends.

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How to Set Up a Phone Account for Beaver County Jail Inmates

Absent emergencies or disciplinary issues, Beaver County Jail inmates are allowed to make phone calls to friends and family members.  However, in order to have phone calls with your loved one, you’ll first need to create a phone account.

To set up a phone account, contact Securus Technologies, the company responsible for managing the jail’s phone system.  There are four ways to contact Securus:

  1. Phone – Call (800) 844-6591 to speak with a representative or use the automated phone system.
  2. Email – Send an email message to CustomerService (at) securustech (dot) net.
  3. Contact Form – Visit the contact page on Securus’ website at securustech (dot) net (slash) contact (dash) us, then click the orange link that says “click here to submit a question,” which will open a new dialogue box.
  4. Live Chat – Visit the contact page, then click the link that says “chat with us now” to open a live chat window. You may need to turn off your pop-up blocker if you have it enabled.

There are four Securus phone services you use to speak to inmates:

  • Advanced Connect – This is a prepaid phone account. According to Securus, this is their most popular phone service.
  • Direct Bill – With Direct Bill, you’ll be charged on a monthly basis.
  • Inmate Debit – This is a prepaid phone account. You add money to an inmate’s account, then he or she uses the funds to cover the call costs.
  • Traditional Collect Call – This option enables you to receive collect calls. You’ll see the charges on your monthly phone bill.

You can determine the cost of your call in advance by using Securus’ rate calculator tool, which you can access by visiting securustech (dot) net (slash) call (dash) rate (dash) calculator.

Can’t Receive Calls? Troubleshooting Technical Issues

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If you run into any technical problems, these simple issues may be to blame:

  • Do calls from your loved one keep getting blocked? It might be because:
    • You accidentally went over your spending limit. To fix it, contact Securus and ask to raise your spending limit.
    • You changed your phone number or got a new phone. To fix it, contact Securus and ask to update your information.
    • You’re pressing the wrong button to accept calls, which can lead to your number being blocked. To fix it, contact Securus to check for (and lift) a block.
    • Your phone company restricts collect calls. To fix it, call the company and ask them to lift the restriction.  Keep in mind the change may take a few days to take effect.
  • Do your calls keep getting dropped or disconnected? It might be because:
    • You’re accidentally pressing buttons on the keypad while you talk.
    • You’re trying to make three-way calls.
    • You’re using a cell phone instead of a land line.
    • You’re using your phone’s call waiting feature.

If you don’t think any of these issues are the problem, there may be a glitch, and you’ll need to submit a dropped call investigation form to Securus.  The form is available at apps (dot) securustech (dot) net (slash) downloads (slash) InvestigationSC (underscore) 0611 (dot) pdf.  If you don’t include the “apps” at the beginning of the URL, the link will not work.  Fax your completed form to (972) 277-0714, or mail it to the following address:

P.O. Box 1109
Addison, TX 75001

Rely on a Utah Criminal Defense Attorney With the Experience to Help Your Case

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