How to Post Bail at the Iron County, Utah Jail

Criminal defendants are entitled to a bail hearing in Utah. The terms and conditions of bail, including monetary payments, are decided at this hearing.

If you or someone you know is held in the Iron County, Utah jail, you can post money for bail with jail administrators. In many cases, bail can be posted by going down to the jail facilities and paying bail in person. Other times, you might be able to pay for bail over the phone. You can pay for bail in cash, money orders, bonds, or other methods. After posting bail, the defendant must make all their court appearances, or they risk having their bail revoked, and any money paid will be forfeited.

If you or a loved one is being held in jail while they wait for their trial, our Salt Lake City bail hearing lawyers can help you secure their pretrial release. For a free case review, call Overson & Bugden at (801) 758-2287.

Where Do I Post Bail at the Iron County, Utah Jail?

The process of determining bail can be confusing for those with no legal background or training. Once a judge determines how to set bail, defendants and their families are sometimes left wondering how to go about paying for it. If the judge sets cash bail in your case, you can pay it at the Iron County, Utah jail at the following address:

2136 N. Main Street
Cedar City, UT 84721

If you are unsure how to pay bail, or if you do not know how much money you must post to secure pretrial release, our Iron County, Utah bail hearing lawyers can help you. We can reach out to jail administrators about how to pay, how much to pay, and when you can make payments. Bail is more than a simple transaction, and there are specific legal procedures that must be followed.

You might also have the option of posting bail at the court where the defendant had their bail hearing. This is often a bit slower because paperwork filed at the courthouse must be transferred to the jail before the defendant can be released.

How Do I Put Up Bail Money for Someone Held at the Iron County, Utah Jail?

People are sometimes unsure how to go about paying bail. Do you just show up to the jail with cash in hand, or is a check more appropriate? Money can be a tricky subject for a lot of people, and fortunately, you have several options when it comes to how you pay for bail.

You can begin the payment process by going down to the Iron County, Utah jail in Cedar City. Once there, you can pay in cash if you have it. Depending on your situation, you may pay the entire bail amount or only a portion of the bail, usually about 10%. Our Iron County, Utah bail hearing lawyers can help you figure out how to pay and how much.

While cash is certainly accepted, you may also pay using a money order or cashier checks. You cannot pay by personal check. It is a good idea to fill out these checks or money orders only after you get the jail to make the payment. Once there, you will be instructed on how to fill out the check and to whom to make it payable to.

If you need help paying, you may have to contact a bail bond agent for assistance. As described below, a bail bond agent can help you put up the money for bail in exchange for a fee. You should speak to our Iron County, Utah bail hearing lawyers about how to pay bail before you make any decisions.

What if I Do Not Have the Money for Bail at the Iron County, UT Jail?

For people who have trouble getting enough money together to post bail, a bail bond agent can help. Bail bond agents can help you pay with a surety bond. Essentially, the bail bondsman will put up the money for bail in exchange for a fee. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the bail bondsman is responsible for covering the forfeited bail money. However, the bail bondsman can then come after you to pay them back.

In many cases, people have to put up some form of collateral to get a surety bond. Collateral might be your car, home, or other assets the bail bond agent will take if the defendant skips bail. You should speak to an attorney before going to a bail bond agent.

If bail is simply too expensive, you can also speak to our Iron County, Utah bail hearing attorneys about getting bail reduced. Bail is not necessarily set in stone, and we can help you advocate for a bail reduction. In many cases, we can get bail reduced to be more affordable for defendants and their families.

What Happens After Posting Bail at the Iron County, Utah Jail?

After you post bail, the defendant will be released, and they can prepare for their trial with their attorney. Remember, being released on bail comes with some very important strings attached. If the defendant fails to appear at all their court hearings, their bail might be revoked, and they might be sent back to jail.

When a defendant skips bail, any money paid toward bail is forfeited. Ordinarily, if the defendant manages to show up for all their court dates, the money is refunded to whoever paid it. Even if you are not the defendant, but you agree to pay for their bail, you will lose that bail money if they do not adhere to their bail conditions.

If you used a bail bond agent and paid with a surety bond, the bail bond agent is responsible for the money. That does not mean that you are off the hook. Bail bond agents are known to go to great lengths to track down their clients after skipping bail to get their money back.

If the defendant in your case anticipates having trouble making it to all their court dates, you should discuss the situation with our Iron County, Utah bail hearing attorneys. We may be able to work with the court to waive the defendant’s appearance or reschedule court dates in advance before they are missed.

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