Should You Choose a Public Defender in a Salt Lake Criminal Case?

Facing Utah’s criminal justice system can be intimidating, especially if you have never been charged with a crime. No matter the extent of your charges, you will need the assistance of an experienced Salt Lake City, UT criminal defense attorney. If you have been arrested for an alleged criminal offense, the police officer will likely say you have the right to an attorney. Access to legal representation in a criminal case is part of your constitutional rights. Thus, the court will appoint a public defender if you can’t pay for one. Should you choose a public defender or choose a private Salt Lake City criminal defense Lawyer? Darwin Overson from Overson & Bugden, explains.

Should I Get a Public Defender for My Criminal Case in Salt Lake City?

When facing criminal charges, you will need an attorney’s assistance to help you throughout the process. Selecting the right attorney for the job is critical at this point. Your criminal defense attorney will have the important task of defending your rights and freedom. Thus, it is essential to hire an attorney who understands how the process works and the decisions that need to be made to provide you with a quality legal defense.

All defendants under the U.S. Constitution have the right to counsel. You may have heard the portion of the “Miranda Rights” that you have the right to an attorney, and if you can’t afford one, one will be provided for you. If you are unable to pay for legal representation after your arrest, the court will provide you with a public defender. These court-appointed attorneys are available to see your case for free. However, does that mean you should agree to go forward with a public defender, or will you be better off hiring a private Toole criminal defense lawyer?

While they are usually well-prepared and experienced, public defenders typically lack the time and resources needed to devote themselves personally to your case. Public defenders are often swamped with dozens of cases they need to handle at the same time. In our experience, taking your case to a private Utah criminal defense attorney is better than relying on an attorney that may not have your best interests in mind due to lack of time and case overloads.

Public Defenders Versus Private Criminal Defense Lawyers in Salt Lake City, Utah

Facing Utah’s criminal justice system can be very challenging, especially if you face severe criminal charges. Thus, getting an experienced criminal defense is essential. It is critical to understand that the criminal defense of your choice can impact your case significantly. This leads us to discuss the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of hiring a public defender versus a private Lehi criminal defense attorney in Utah.

Public Defenders

As mentioned, the court will appoint public defenders and can handle your case if you are unable to hire an attorney. The most significant advantage of getting a public defender is you will not have to pay for your legal representation. However, as experience has shown us, free legal representation doesn’t necessarily translate to an effective one. Utah’s criminal courts are overloaded with hundreds of defendants who cannot afford an attorney. For this reason, most public defenders are forced to handle a vast number of cases.

One of the biggest disadvantages of hiring a public defender is that they are often overworked, underpaid, and may have little time to dedicate to your case. The lack of time and resources to properly handle your case can hurt your chances of getting the best possible results in your case’s particular circumstances.

Private Criminal Defense Attorneys

Unlike public defenders, private criminal defense attorneys don’t have to juggle hundreds of cases at once or wait until the last minute to get acquainted with your case. Private Utah criminal defense lawyers typically specialize in criminal law, and they usually handle fewer amounts of cases. This can allow you to have access to quality legal representation. When you hire a Utah criminal defense attorney, you can get more one-on-one time with your attorney and stay informed about your case’s development.

Private criminal defense attorneys can have access to different resources that can help them build a robust, strategic defense. For instance, your Layton criminal defense lawyer can hire expert witnesses, professionals from different disciplines (doctors, scientists, engineers, etc.) who can provide assistance during your criminal process.

With more resources at their disposal, your private criminal defense lawyer can gather critical evidence. Moreover, your private criminal defense attorney can find weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and help you get your case dismissed, and your charges reduced favorably.

Is Hiring a Private Attorney in Salt Lake City Too Expensive?

Over the years, we have seen many defendants hire a public defender because they think hiring a private attorney is too expensive. Unfortunately, and as mentioned, going for the “free” alternative may not necessarily be the best for you, especially if you are accused of aggravated assault, sexual assault, or murder in Utah.

It is essential to understand that most private criminal defense attorneys are willing to negotiate their attorney’s fees. This means you can have access to quality legal representation without breaking the bank from the get-go. It is critical to call a Utah criminal defense attorney and schedule a first consultation and talk about the ways you can get the criminal defense you need and deserve. Our Utah criminal defense attorneys can sit with you in a free consultation to help you understand what to expect from your case.

Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Attorney Offering Free Consultations

If you or a loved one was charged with a criminal offense in Salt Lake, we can help. Our West Valley City criminal defense lawyers from Overson & Bugden can handle your case. For decades, we have represented thousands of defendants in a wide range of criminal cases. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to build a robust, strategic, and compelling criminal defense to make sure your rights are upheld. To learn more about all of our services in a free, confidential consultation, call our law offices today at (801) 758-2287.