The Largest Prisons in Utah

Although Utah is not the most populated state, there is still a relatively high incarceration rate. There are two large prisons in Utah, each capable of housing many inmates.

Utah’s two main prison systems are the Utah State Prison and the Central Utah Correctional Facility. Both systems house a large number of inmates for the State of Utah. The Utah State Prison is perhaps the largest of the two, spanning 6 different correctional facilities. The Utah State Prison is moving to a larger facility during the summer of 2022. Daily life in the largest prison system is not easy. Phone calls, mail, and various other communications are constantly monitored. You can contact the prison about your loved one to arrange in-person visits or place money in their commissary. An attorney can review your loved one’s case and help you contact them in prison.

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Prison Systems in Utah

The two primary prison systems are not singular facilities but large networks that encompass numerous individual facilities. Each prison system is very large, with multiple housing facilities, units, and programs. Where your loved one is located might depend on the offense for which they were convicted, their specific needs, and whether they are considered a high-risk individual.

Central Utah Correctional Facility

The Central Utah Correctional Facility is in Gunnison, Utah and houses up to 1,800 male inmates. The prison is located at the following address:

255 East 300 North
Gunnison, Utah 84634
(435) 528-6000

The facility is divided into 3 housing facilities: Henry, Boulder, and Monroe. Within each housing facility are smaller housing units. The Henry housing facility contains the Aspen, Birch, Cedar, and Dogwood housing units and an infirmary. The Boulder housing facility contains Elm, Fir, Gale, and Hickory housing units. The Monroe housing facility has only 1 unit, Ironwood, with extra capacity for 3 more units.

Our Utah criminal defense attorneys can assist you if you are unsure where your loved one is located or how to contact them. You might need to know specifically where your loved one is being housed to contact them.

Utah State Prison

The Utah State Prison is perhaps the largest of the two main prison systems. The main facilities are located in Draper, Utah and comprise 6 separate correctional facilities. The Utah State Prison can be found at the following address:

14425 Bitterbrush Lane
Draper, Utah 84020
(801) 576-7000

The Utah State Prison is home to 6 different correctional facilities that serve various needs and house numerous inmates: Olympus, Oquirrh, Promontory, Timpanogos, Uintas, and Wasatch. Altogether, this prison system can hold up to about 4,500 inmates and is the largest prison system in the state.

This prison is moving to a new location in Salt Lake City over the summer of 2022. The move is expected to be completed by the end of August 2022, and the new prison is called the Utah State Correctional Facility. Unfortunately, inmates might be shuffled around, making it hard to contact them. Speak to our Park City criminal defense lawyers about contacting your loved one after the move.

The Largest Prison System in Utah

As said before, the Utah State Prison is the largest prison system in the state. With 6 different facilities and about 4,500 inmates, it is an extremely large system that often makes it hard to find loved ones. The 6 facilities that make up the Utah State Prison serve a variety of inmates’ needs. Where your loved one is located might depend on whether they have any unique or special care concerns.


The Olympus facility is designed to care for inmates with mental health concerns. Olympus can house up to 168 inmates at a time, and the inmates here typically suffer from severe mental illnesses or disorders. Inmates with a tendency to lash out or require greater supervision because of their mental condition are likely to be housed in Olympus. If you are concerned about your loved one’s safety in prison because they have a mental illness, they may very likely be in the Olympus facility.


The Oquirrh facility (pronounced Oh-Kurr) is complex on its own, with 5 buildings. This is a larger facility within the prison system and can house up to 850 inmates. The Oquirrh facility contains a recreation yard, gym, non-denominational chapel, and various other amenities. The Oquirrh facility also contains one of the two geriatric dormitories for older inmates at least 55 years of age. If your loved one is older and has difficulty taking care of themselves, they may be housed in this facility.


The Promontory facility is designed for male inmates participating in substance abuse treatment programs. Inmates in the Con-Quest Substance Use Treatment Program and the Resolve Sex Offense Treatment Program are housed in the Promontory facility. If your loved one was convicted of a drug offense or certain sex crimes, they might be housed here. If you want your loved one to enter one of the aforementioned programs, our Ogden criminal defense attorneys can help you look into it. The facility also offers various other adult education opportunities.


Female inmates are housed at the Timpanogos facility. This facility is completely separate from all the male facilities in the prison System. Inmates here are housed in four housing units, with a fifth unit devoted to recreational facilities like a gym, library, and classrooms. Up to 570 inmates are housed at the Timpanogos facility. If your loved one is housed in Timpanogos, our Utah criminal defense lawyers can help you figure out how to contact them. Housing units 1 and 2 are for general population, while unit 3 is for maximum-security inmates. Unit 4 is reserved for female inmates in the ExCell substance treatment program.


At the Uintas facility (pronounced Yew-In-Tahs), up to 800 inmates are housed. This facility also contains the Intake and Receiving and Orientation facility, where new inmates are processed. Additionally, high-profile inmates with serious management issues are housed here. For example, gang members at a high risk of retaliation from others within the ‘prison may be housed in Uintas. This facility also contains the highest-security building in the entire prison system, capable of housing up to 96 inmates in single cells.


Wasatch is the oldest facility within the prison system and was established in 1951. At maximum capacity, the Wasatch facility can house up to 800 inmates and is one of the larger facilities in the prison. Medium-security prisoners reside in Wasatch and have access to education courses, a barbershop, a library, a gym, and other facilities.

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