Was a Family Member Arrested and Being Held at Utah County Jail?

Receiving a call that a loved one is in the Utah County Jail is perhaps one of the worst calls you can receive. However, not everyone in jail has been convicted of a crime. Many are simply being held in custody while awaiting trial and are eligible to be released on bail. Utah’s Constitution states that, with the exception of aggravated murder, all criminal offenses qualify for bail – even serious felonies like burglary and sexual assault.

If your spouse or one of your family members is currently in custody at Utah County Jail, this guide will help you understand how to post bail, how bail bonds work, and will provide some useful contact information for bail bond companies local to the Utah County area. If you have any questions about posting bail, having bail lowered, the criminal penalties your loved one may be facing, or any other aspects of the charges against your family member, please do not hesitate to call our law offices at (801) 758-2287 for a free legal consultation. We will keep your family’s information confidential, and our dedicated attorneys are available to make emergency jail visits any time of day or night.

Should You Use a Bondsman to Have Your Loved One Released from Custody?

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Before you decide if you should use a Bondsman you must first understand what bail is. Bail acts as collateral; it guarantees that a detainee is released on the condition that he or she pledge not to miss any scheduled court hearing, which is called skipping bail or bail jumping. A benefit to posting bail is that if the defendant is later found not guilty, or acquitted of the charges, the bail money you paid will be refunded. However, if a defendant fails to appear in court, not only do they forfeit bail – they can also be charged with a misdemeanor or even a felony. In light of these harsh consequences, it is extremely important to make sure your loved one attends all required court appearances after being bailed out.

When you are considering if you should use a Bondsman or not there is no right or wrong answer to this question, however, there are both advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, you must decide what is in the best interest of you and your loved one. In order to make an informed decision, there are some key points you should be aware of:

  1. The Bondsman will bail your loved one out of jail after you pay the Bondsman a non-refundable fee. This fee is often 10% of the total bail amount (e.g. $500 for $5,000 bail) but is sometimes as high as 15%. Bail bond companies will generally accept various assets, personal property, and real property as collateral, such as a car, fine jewelry, or a mortgage.
  2. When you co-sign a bail bond agreement, you become personally liable for the bail amount. If the defendant does not show up in court, not only can the Bondsman send a bounty hunter after them – it can also sue you and come after your assets to satisfy the bond.
  3. Another drawback is that the 10% to 15% will never be returned to you, as it would have been had you posted the full bail amount on your own. This is the Bondsman’s fee for providing the service.

How to Bail a Person Out of the Utah County Jail in UT

If a person is being detained at the Utah County Jail while awaiting trial, he or she can generally be released in exchange for bail. If you are bailing out a friend or family member, you may use a credit card for this process. Keep in mind that there will be an additional charge for the transaction. Utah County Jail cannot take credit card payments over the phone. The County lists that it is imperative that you provide the exact amount they tell you. The County jail will not accept loose change and will not accept personal checks. Cashiers checks and money orders must be made out to “The Utah County Jail”.

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Once you have all the information you need, and you can bail out your loved one directly at the Utah County Jail, which is located at the following address:

County Jail
County Security Center
3075 North Main
Spanish Fork, UT 84660

801-851-4219 (fax)

The following bail bond companies are located in Utah County and the surrounding counties. A bail bond is a serious financial commitment, so you should select a business whose terms and policies you feel comfortable with. Most bail bond businesses have late-night hours or operate around the clock, but it’s a good idea to confirm the hours of operation in advance.

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