How a Utah Criminal Conviction or Prison Sentence Damages Your Credit Rating

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Being incarcerated in the United States prison system is a worst-case scenario for millions accused of crimes across the country, including Utah. The ramifications of a lengthy sentence aren’t just emotional and physical — they are financial implications to consider as well. Damage done to earning power for inmates who serve their time can make it impossible to recover fully and reintegrate into the community. Our defense attorneys open a small window into the challenges these men and women face.

Prison Time Damages Your Credit Rating

Even if you’re behind bars for just 12 months, the harm done to your credit rating could take a decade or more to dig out from completely. Bills, including credit cards and auto loans, go unpaid while you’re sitting in a cell unable to work and continue to accumulate interest along with compounding fees. Notices might show up in your mail at the jailhouse indicating seizures of property and foreclosure. Declaring bankruptcy when you’re released from prison might be the only way to avoid wage garnishments and liens.

Loss of Professional Licenses and Credentials

A criminal conviction large or small — from a DUI to a drug-related charge — can cause professional licensing organizations to strip you of your credentials, effectively ending your chosen career. One second you’re a surgeon with privileges in Utah’s finest hospitals, and the next you can’t get work in a soup kitchen. This action often results in diminished earning potential over your entire life, unless you find an employer willing to take a chance on you and look past your criminal record. For many, that act of kindness never happens, and they toil away in low-earning positions unable to provide for their families as effectively as those without strikes against them.

Increases in Insurance Premiums after a Conviction

If you receive a conviction for a traffic-related offense, including driving under the influence, say goodbye to your affordable insurance premiums. Insurers will jack your auto coverage through the roof because of your perceived risk making it almost impossible to find affordable insurance. Add in your already lower earning power because of your conviction and driving a car with any semblance of coverage becomes an impossibility. The added cost to drive doesn’t even factor in the mandatory minimum 18-month license suspension in Utah. Even if you somehow find a job, it better be within walking distance. The dominoes just continue falling making it harder and harder to become a member of the community you’re supposed to belong to. Does this sound like rehabilitation?

The Importance of Relentless Criminal Defense Can’t be Understated

When you’re charged with a crime in Utah or any other state, you’re life is quite literally on the line. Everything you’ve worked for could be gone in a hazy moment, and you might not ever get it back. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side to look out for your rights has never been more important.

If you or someone close to you is facing indictment or charges related to a serious criminal offense, including DUI or drug-related issues, call my law office today to get help. I’ll come to you day or night.


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