Lies Can Ruin Lives: We Don’t Do Enough to Punish False Accusers

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Sometimes, they lie. Filing a police report for a serious criminal offense, including rape, demands a response from the authorities. They have a legal obligation to take the claim seriously and commence an investigation. The tactics officers and detectives employ against those accused of rape or other sexual offense can overturn lives and drag good names through the social media mud. The accusation, for many, is a career killer and reputation slayer. Our Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyers see it happen all too often.

Compulsive Liar Makes 11 False Rape Claims

A judge in England sentenced Elizabeth Jones, 22-years-old, to 16 months in prison after she confessed her latest rape allegation wasn’t because of any assault, but because she simply “didn’t like” the man she accused. Her would-be “attacker” endured nine hours of interrogation from authorities — and this wasn’t the first time. Jones has reportedly accused 10 other men of rape since she was 13-years-old.

Prosecutors don’t always need DNA or other circumstantial evidence to indict an individual accused of a sex crime and take that person to trial. While it’s easier to expose a 22-year-old woman as a liar, can you imagine how compelling Jones might have been at 13? Her testimony alone could’ve sent someone to prison for 10, 20, possibly even 30 years. The jury might’ve have seen a teenager take the witness stand and give tearful testimony about the attack she allegedly suffered. The defendant’s attorney, doing his job in fervently trying to expose this girl as a liar, may only make the tiny deceiver more worthy of empathy in jurors’ eyes.

An allegation of sexual assault should not be a weapon someone can fling wherever they like to teach someone a lesson or get back at them for some perceived wrong.

Destroying the Integrity of the System

When we cannot trust the word of someone who comes to the authorities with a report of a crime, the entire system needs a tune-up. I don’t want to see one more innocent man or woman go to jail or accept a restrictive plea agreement that hamstrings the rest of their lives because their accuser had a grudge to settle. We need stiffer penalties for those who make false allegations for serious criminal offenses like rape. You may think 16 months is a long time to spend behind bars, but consider the sentence the defendant might have received had a  jury convicted.  If the defendant was found guilty in Utah, this person could receive up to life in prison. Life. Not one year and three months in jail, but condemned to spend the rest of their days locked in a cell and tormented by the other inmates.

If you, or someone close to you, has been charged with a sexual offense, including rape, you need experienced trial lawyers working on your case to expose the lies and get the charges against you dropped. Call our law offices today for an immediate consultation – (801)-895-3143. Day or night. We also make jailhouse visits.


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