How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Insurance in Utah?

Drivers can always expect to pay higher insurance premiums after they’ve been charged with a DUI, leaving drivers with DUI charges to wonder how long the charges will stay on their insurance. Luckily, Utah has some of  the least stringent insurance policies in the United States, which means that Utah drivers that have DUIs are the least likely to face severe rate hikes. But will there ever come a time when your DUI won’t affect your insurance? Continue reading as the Salt Lake City DUI defense lawyer Darwin Overson from Overson Law PLLC explains how long a DUI stays on your insurance in Utah.

How Your DUI Will Affect Your Insurance in Utah

Your DUI can affect your insurance for as long as it appears on your driving record. DUIs can remain on driving records in Utah for up to 10 years after the initial incident. Drivers should note that a DUI can greatly increase the amount they’ll pay for their insurance premium. The increase in the price of premiums will depend on the following factors: the number of prior DUI charges that have been made against the driver (drivers that are facing their second DUI arrest are likely to pay much higher rates for their insurance than drivers that are facing their first DUI charge. A young driver may be at a disadvantage if they have previously been charged with an underage DUI).

Telling Your Insurance Company About Your DUI

Whether you take the initiative to tell your insurance company about your DUI or not, they are going to find out. Insurance companies look at driving records regularly and will know if your record has a DUI conviction on it.

Your premium rate will be affected due to your DUI, but how much it is affected depends on whether you already have a policy or are looking for a new policy. If you already have a policy, it’s likely that your insurance company will check your driving record when it’s time for you to renew your policy at the end of your policy period, which means that it’s possible that your insurance company won’t find out about your DUI until this time. Once your insurance company finds out about your DUI, your rate will increase and you may even have your policy cancelled if you have a history of risky or dangerous driving.

Your insurance company will find out about your DUI by checking your driving record but it won’t hurt to tell them ahead of time. If you use an insurance agent, you can alert them to the existence of your DUI as early as possible to help them identify the best solution for you as you move forward with your policy. If you lose your coverage because of your DUI, your insurance agent will be able to assist you with finding a new one.

What Happens If You Don’t Report Your DUI to Your Insurance Company in Utah

You don’t necessarily need to tell your insurance company if you were charged with a DUI but you do need to make sure that you let them know if other members of your household have been charged with one. Drivers that live in the same household often share cars or drive each other’s cars. Insurance companies need to know about all of the licensed drivers within one household that have the potential to drive every household member’s insured car.

If someone else that lives in your household, such as a son or daughter, has received DUI charges, you should tell your insurance company about it as quickly as possible. If you don’t let your insurance company know about another household member’s DUI, you may face insurance fraud charges if they can prove that you withheld information from them.

Filing for an SR-22 Certificate After a DUI in Utah

After a DUI, Utah drivers must file for an SR-22 certificate. This certificate is for high-risk drivers in Utah—it is meant for people that have driven while under the influence and people that are involved in car accidents without auto insurance. It costs between $15 and $35 to obtain this certificate. Having this certificate will significantly increase the price of the certificate holder’s insurance premiums. Drivers can obtain an SR-22 certificate by calling their insurance companies and requesting that they file for one on their behalf.

How to Check Your Utah Driving Record

A Utah DUI will stay on your driving record for up to 10 years. You can check if it is still there by checking your driving record. One way to check your driving record is to visit the motor vehicle record page on the Utah state government website. You can also check your driving record by visiting a driver’s license office. Another way to check your Utah driving record is to mail a request form (along with a fee of $8) to the Utah Department of Public Safety. Note that your insurance company has access to your driving records, as do potential employers.

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