How to Contact an Inmate at Davis County Jail

The Davis County Correctional Facility is commonly referred to as the Davis County Jail.  In addition to housing convicted inmates, the jail is also used to hold pre-trial detainees in custody.  There are a few methods for family, friends, and romantic partners to contact inmates at Salt Lake County jail or other prison, but it is very important to obey the jail’s policies.  If any of your phone or mail communications go against the rules, your loved one could face disciplinary actions and lose their privileges.  In order to avoid these sorts of issues, you should take a few moments to go over the jail’s phone and mail restrictions.

If your family member is in custody at the Davis County Jail, it is critically important to seek legal representation as soon as possible.  Criminal investigators will waste no time attempting to interrogate your loved one without an attorney present, leaving the detainee extremely vulnerable at a time when they need protection most.

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Rules and Address for Sending Mail to the Davis County Correctional Facility

All mail must be delivered via the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).  Any mail delivered by non-USPS carriers will be turned away.  Mail should be sent to the following address:

(Inmate’s Name/Booking Number Here)
Davis County Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 130
Farmington, UT 84025

Generally speaking, the Davis County Jail allows loved ones to send cards and letters only.  However, a few other types of mail will also be permitted, as long as they comply with the facility’s specifications.  For example, you may send:

  • Books, as long asthey are new and come straight to the jail from the retailer (not your house or apartment). You can send up to five books each week.
  • Magazines and newspapers, as long asthey are received on a subscription basis through the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Photographs, as long asthey are not Polaroids, are no larger than 5” x 7”, and do not depict any subject matter that’s obscene, illegal, pornographic, or gang related.

When sending mail to the Davis County Jail, you should include your full return address, using your real first and last name, in case there are any delivery issues.  Mail without a return address may be turned away.  You should also use regular lined paper, writing with pencil or plain black ink.

Your mail, including the envelope it comes in, must not contain any of the following items:

  • Additional/extra envelopes
  • Blank paper
  • Glitter/sparkles/confetti
  • Glue
  • Oil marks
  • Paper clips
  • Perfume
  • Sparkly or metallic ink colors
  • Stamps
  • Staples
  • Stickers
  • Tape
  • Water marks

If any of these items are found, the mail will be returned to sender.  Returned mail should be accompanied by a notice explaining why the mail was rejected.

Emailing an Inmate at Davis County Jail

You can sign up for a free account on in order to send messages and photos to an inmate through email. Though the account is free, you will have to pay for each message that you send by using a debit or credit card. The messages should be received and printable for the inmate within 24-48 hours of when they are sent. It should be noted that each message has a 1,500-word limit and using emojis or emoticons in the message will cause delivery to fail.

How to Set Up and Add Funds to a Prepaid Inmate Account for Phone or Video Calls

Inmates and detainees may place, but not receive, phone calls to friends and family. They may also schedule video visits with family and friends. Unfortunately, neither video visits nor phone calls are not free, which means you will need to deposit money into your loved one’s account in order for them to buy prepaid calling cards money to fund calls and videoconferencing.

In order to transfer money to an inmate, you will use a system called JailATM. You can do this by making an account on their website and transferring money through a Visa or Mastercard. You can also deposit funds in person by going to the Davis County Correctional Facility at 800 West State St. Farmington, Utah 84025 or the Davis County Work Release Center at 833 West Clark Ln. Farmington, Utah 84025. If you have issues related to money transfers, you can contact JailATM by phone at 870-627-5476.

If you are having trouble receiving calls from your inmate after they have purchased a prepaid calling card and made an attempt, you should contact the company that services the jail phone system, IC Solutions, by going to or calling them at 888-506-8407.

For video visitations, you will need to set up an account through a company called Securus. This can be done on their website at The site will guide you on how to create your account and set up the system for video visitations with an inmate.

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