How to Find Out If Your Husband Was Arrested in Salt Lake City

If you suspect that your husband was arrested in Salt Lake City, there are ways to find out for sure. You can also bail your husband out of jail and hire a criminal defense attorney for him without being physically present in Salt Lake City. In the remainder of this blog post, our experienced Salt Lake City criminal defense attorneys from Overson & Bugden will explain how you can find out if your husband was arrested in Salt Lake City, how you can bail them out of jail, and how you can hire a criminal defense attorney for them.

Finding Out If Your Husband Was Arrested in Salt Lake City

You can find out if your husband was arrested in Salt Lake City by either conducting an online search or calling the jail. You can do an online search by going to and entering your husband’s name and ‘Salt Lake City’ in the section that asks for the city. If he has been arrested, a listing about his arrest will appear. You can also find out if your husband was arrested by calling Salt Lake City jails and asking.

Bailing Your Husband Out of Jail In Salt Lake City

After your husband has been arrested, they will go through the booking process at the jail or detention center where they are being held. The booking process takes only a few hours and entails getting your husband’s biographical information, taking his photograph and fingerprints, and conducting a search of him and his possessions. He will then appear before a judge for a bail hearing. Depending on the severity of the crime that your husband committed (generally, whether it is a felony or a misdemeanor), the judge will either release your husband on his own recognizance (known as “ROR bail”), set bail for him, or keep him in jail pending the resolution of the case. If your husband has been released on ROR bail, he will be given a summons to return to court for an arraignment. Usually, a judge only denies bail to a person if they have a criminal history, a history of failing to appear in court, or they committed a crime that shows that they are a danger to the public.

If you know that your husband has been arrested, you should hire an attorney for him as soon as possible so that he can have legal representation when he sees a judge for his bail hearing. An attorney will know how to advocate for ROR, avoiding the bail process entirely.

In most cases, a judge will set bail. The uniform bail schedule usually determines the amount of bail, but not always. The crime that your husband committed, his criminal history, his ties to the community, the strength of his family ties, whether he violated probation or violated parole, and whether he seems to be a flight risk will determine the amount of bail. However, judges can deviate from the bail schedule if there are extenuating circumstances.

If your husband has had bail set for him, you can pay his bail. If you cannot afford bail, you may have to use a bail bondsman. A criminal defense attorney can help you get in touch with a bail bondsman if you need one. Be aware that a bail bondsman will have to pay the full amount of your husband’s bail if he fails to appear in court (also known as bail-jumping) and will seek repayment of the debt from you.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney for Your Husband in Salt Lake City

After having bail set, your husband will attend an arraignment, where he will either plead guilty or not guilty to the alleged crime. If you haven’t already, you should hire a lawyer for your husband. At this stage, a lawyer will help your husband by advising him on how to plead, but in most cases, they will recommend a not guilty plea.

Then, the lawyer you hired for your husband will work with the prosecution team to try to come up with a deal, which may involve pleading to lesser charges or waiving the right to a jury trial. If it is your husband’s first offense, a lawyer may suggest entering your husband into a diversionary program. If your husband’s lawyer and the prosecution team can’t work out a deal, the case will go to trial, in which case your husband’s lawyer will work hard to defend your husband against the charges made against him. If he is found guilty, your husband’s lawyer will attend your husband’s sentencing hearing and fight to reduce his penalties.

Note that it is permissible for anyone to hire a lawyer for someone else, which means that you can hire an attorney for your husband. But be aware of attorney-client privilege—you don’t necessarily have access to information about the case or the charges against your husband just because you hired an attorney for him. He can, of course, waive his attorney-client privilege and share information about his charges with you, but you aren’t entitled to it.

Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Salt Lake City

It’s understandable why you would want to help your husband if he’s been arrested in Salt Lake City by either posting bail for him or hiring a lawyer for him. If you’d like to hire legal representation for your husband, get in touch with the Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyers from Overson & Bugden. They can put their legal expertise to use to defend your husband’s rights as he faces charges. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free and legal consultation by calling (801) 758-2287.