Salt Lake City Criminal Lawyer for Referrals from Bail Bondsman

Salt Lake criminal defense lawyer

Many times, people get arrested and sent to jail, and their first call is to a bail bondsman or bail agency that can get them out of jail quickly.  In many cases, these people need attorneys as quickly as possible to help them get bail and get out of lockup – let alone fight the charges against them.  If you are a bail bondsman or bail agent in Utah, contact our attorneys to refer a case to us to get your defendant the professional criminal defense assistance they need.

Our Salt Lake City criminal defense attorneys are available 24/7 for referrals from bail bondsmen and free legal consultations.  Our lawyers can visit clients in jail and work to get started on their defense case as soon as possible.  Call Overson Law today to set up a legal consultation.  Our number is (801) 758-2287.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Taking Cases from Bail Bond Agents

When a defendant enters the criminal justice system, they may be immediately sent to jail or placed on bail at a price they cannot afford without bond.  With limited access to phone calls or the ability to research and call a lawyer, they may prioritize calling a bail agent to help them get out of jail.  Our attorneys can work with bail bond agents to take cases and come meet with your client in your office or meet them in jail to discuss representing them in their case.  In many cases, a defendant with a lawyer is a far better bail bond client.

Our Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyers have decades of experience handling criminal cases.  We work to, first and foremost, get our clients out of jail.  If a client contacts a bail agent but cannot afford bond on a high cash bail – or has been denied bail altogether – there may be little the bail agent can do to get them out of jail.  Our attorneys may be able to file for bail reduction so that our clients can afford a bail bond.

Being released from jail is an important factor in helping to beat the charges.  When a defendant is released from jail, they can spend time with their family, continue working at their job, and meet with their lawyer at their leisure, putting them in a better mindset and strategic position to fight the charges they face.

We also make sure to keep our clients returning to court so that they can resolve their case successfully.  ROR bail should be issued in nearly every case that doesn’t involve severe violence or a high flight risk.  However, in cases where cash bail is required, the defendant is likely facing higher potential penalties.  This often means increased fear of going back to court to face the charges.  Our lawyers can put our decades of experience to work to help our defendants face their cases in court with a firm plan to help them overcome the charges against them and reduce the risk of further jail time or sentencing.  This helps cut down on the chance that your bail payments will be forfeited and helps increase the chance of full payment on their bond.

Our attorneys work to suppress evidence and get charges dropped and dismissed to reduce the potential penalties our clients could face.  We also challenge the facts of the case at trial, forcing the prosecution to work for every element they try to prove.  In the end, if our defendants do face sentencing, we work to get those sentences reduced and keep our defendants out of jail by seeking probation and other alternative sentences.

Types of Cases Our Defense Attorneys Handle

Our Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyers handle a wide range of charges.  Our lawyers have handled serious cases involving sexual offenses, aggravated assault, weapons charges, and drug crimes.  Our lawyers are not afraid to back down from difficult cases, and we work with our clients to form the best legal strategy to keep them out of jail and prevent penalties.

Our attorneys handle all of the following types of charges in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas in Utah:

  • Drug possession
  • DUI with injury
  • Identity theft
  • Kidnapping
  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Embezzlement
  • Theft
  • Burglary
  • Assault
  • Aggravated assault
  • White-collar crimes
  • Fraud

Our attorneys handle criminal charges for all sorts of people.  Whether our client is a college student, a first-time offender, or a repeat offender who has had a bad experience with public defenders in the past, our lawyers work to ensure that they have a fair trial and that the prosecution does not get any evidence without working for it.

Our lawyers handle serious property crimes as well as violent crimes.  We can work to help reduce and prevent charges as well as fight to keep our clients out of jail before trial and out of prison after trial.  For help with a case or to refer a case to our lawyers, contact our attorneys today.

Call Our Salt Lake City, Utah Lawyers for Bail Bondsman Referrals

If you are a bail bond agent with a potential client that needs a lawyer to help them get bail in their case, our lawyers may be able to help.  Out Salt Lake City lawyers represent defendants in bail reduction hearings and fights to get bail granted.  We also represent our clients on their charges and work to get charges reduced and dismissed so our defendants can stay out of jail.  For a free legal consultation or to discuss a case referral, contact Overson Law today at (801) 758-2287.